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Tractor Cart Family Set


54,00 EUR

Tractor Cart Family Set

For adults and children aged 14 and older.

Children under 14 can assemble our sets under supervision and with the help of adults.

Please meet the tractor’s chief assistant. It can be connected to the tractor to be used for cargo transportation.

Although strong and powerful, the tractor is little use without its attachments with which it can plough, sow, water, and fertilise plants. It also has another assistant, a cart. A tractor operator can connect a cart to a tractor to transport various loads, such as boxes of fruit from the garden, logs and firewood from the forest, animals from the farm

So now our Tractor has its chief assistant — the Tractor Cart. It is compatible only with the Tractor model and comes with a cow figurine.

We recommend to buy this cart together with the pre-assembled model or construction set Tractor. It may be useless as an independent model because it is supposed to be attached to a toy vehicle.

Note! This Tractor Cart is complementary to the Tractor set, so no tools are included. We suppose that you have the files left after the assembly of the Tractor model. If you bought a pre-assembled model of the Tractor, we can arrange supply of the tools together with the Tractor Cart upon request.

The Tractor Cart includes significantly fewer parts in comparison to our basic models. It is perfect to try your hand at assembly of our models and practise working with construction set parts.

This model takes less time than our basic sets: 3 to 10 hours depending on your carpentry skills.

Included in the set:

1. 1.8 cm thick genuine oak panel with 14 sawn pieces held in the panel thanks to thin strips of uncut wood.

2. Cow figurine.

3. Assembly instructions.
With our step-by-step instructions, the assembly will be fun and easy.

Material: Oak
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH):66x35x24 cm
Shipping weight: 2.2 kg
Model after assembly (LxWxH):  33x15,5x17,8 cm
Model weight: 1.9 kg

Country of origin: Russia

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