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Tractor Family Set


129,00 EUR

Truck Family Set

For adults and children aged 14 and older.

Children under 14 can assemble our sets under supervision and with the help of adults.

Master of vast fields and bumpy roads. Smooth oak sides, a nimble steering wheel. Give life to a powerful vehicle with the restless temperament of a hard-working machine. Huge rear wheels and rotating front wheels guarantee that the toy tractor will stop at no imaginary sand pits or the marshy spring soil of a farm.

During assembly, grown-ups can teach their kids to build things and tell them where and how tractors can be used, such as how this machine can help a farmer or a builder.

Joint efforts of adults and children will turn oak panels into a tractor model. You are sure to hear the triumphant “I DID IT MYSELF!” when all the parts are connected, and the wooden surface of the tractor is coated with a protective layer of kid-friendly varnish.

The assembled machine will proudly join the fleet or the toy collection of vehicles of the owner. This tractor will help develop your children’s imagination, teach them to play on their own in a wonderful world of imaginary construction sites and clay quarries. It will keep the energy of your hands and the warmth of family memories for years to come.

Genuine oak 3D puzzle set. It is a non-disassemblable model construction set.
The assembly takes about 5 to 15 hours depending on your carpentry skills.
Our set is a small carpenter's workshop that includes everything you need for the assembly.

Included in the set:

1. Two 1.8 cm thick genuine oak panels with 32 (28) sawn pieces held in the panel thanks to thin strips of uncut wood
2. A cradle with additional parts and materials:
— Tyres made of safe TPE material used for pacifiers, 4 pcs
— Wheel axles, 2 pcs
— Plugs for holes and headlights
— Kid-friendly varnish
— Glue, 40ml, 1 pc
— PVC gloves, 2 sets
— Sanding paper
— Set of files, 2 pcs
3. Assembly instructions. With our step-by-step instructions, the assembly will be fun and easy.

Material: Oak
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH): 70x40x4 cm
Shipping weight: 5.1 kg
Model after assembly (LxWxH): 36,5x28x20 cm
Model weight: 3 kg

Country of origin: Russia

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