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Pre-Assembled Tractor Cart


74,00 EUR

Please meet the tractor’s chief assistant. It can be connected to the tractor to be used for cargo transportation.

Although strong and powerful, the tractor is little use without its attachments with which it can plough, sow, water, and fertilise plants. It has another assistant, a cart. A tractor operator can connect a cart to a tractor to transport various loads, such as boxes of fruit from the garden, logs and firewood from the forest, animals from the farm.

So now our Tractor has its chief assistant — the Tractor Cart. It is compatible only with the Tractor model and comes with a cow figurine.

We recommend to buy this cart together with the pre-assembled model or construction set Tractor. It may be useless as an independent model because it is an addition to a toy vehicle.

You can use our products in many ways:

  • Exclusive gift for people of any age and social status
  • Stylish decor for your nursery and other rooms
  • Decor for your office or commercial premises
  • Functional item for your office or showroom, e.g. it can be used as an unusual product display or to store office supplies
  • Toy for children over 3 years-old
  • Toy for Montessori or Waldorf kindergartens
  • Toy for playrooms in clinics and other healthcare facilities

Material: Oak
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH): 34x16.5x19.5 cm
Shipping weight: 2.2 kg
Model after assembly (LxWxH): 33x15.5x17.8 cm
Model weight: 1.9 kg

Country of origin: Russia

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