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Fine wood blocks in a cloth bag

7,00 EUR

At six months of age, infants start playing with nearby objects. Fine wood blocks will be perfect for sensory play and exploration.

Dubok Wooden Family’s set of blocks includes various geometric shapes: cubes, pyramids, parallelepipeds, cylinders. They are small and are easy to grab with little hands.

All blocks are perfectly smooth and coated with kid-friendly oil. They are absolutely safe for your child to nibble at. They are easy to care for — just wipe your blocks with a damp cloth or wipes.

For older kids, it will be a great addition to the main purchase — a construction set or a pre-assembled model. Blocks can be used to fill the back of the Truck, the Pickup Truck, or the Tractor, as well as to build toy houses, towers, castles, and implement any other ideas of the little architect.
We use only fine wood for our blocks:
— Alder
— Lime
— Nutwood
— Mahogany
— Oak
— Curly Birch
— Purple Heart Wood

Blocks have different natural colours from the light beige of lime to the deep purple of purple heart wood.
The blocks in a set are chosen randomly and are sold by weight.
One cloth bag can contain up to 300g of blocks.

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