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Wooden Construction Sets — Your Own Carpenter's Workshop

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Our toys are made of hypoallergenic genuine oak.


The toy has a natural smell of wood and forest rather than the chemical odour of plastic


Automated equipment ensures high quality of our products.


Our sets include large parts: even the youngest children can take part, and you won’t have to worry about your child swallowing small objects.


All you will need is already included, even step-by-step assembly instructions.


Water-based adhesive (Kleiberit, Germany) is free of chemicals, has a neutral smell, and is not toxic.


Kid-friendly varnish Kiva 70 (Tikkurila, Finland).

Wooden toys do not break into small pieces or crumble, so they are perfectly safe for your child.


Polished wood gives marvellous tactile experience. Besides, our toys are safe and free of splinters.


Our toys last long and do not require any special care. Unlike plastic toys, they can be passed down from generation to generation. Wooden toys grow with your children.


Assembly takes several steps (sawing, coating, assembly), so the whole family will be engaged. The work can be split between one to four people — it makes your family a tight-knit team.


Tyres are made of a polymer material used for pacifiers and teethers.


Water-based wood stain free of organic chemistry.

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We can engrave the name of the future owner

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