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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood do you use for your products?For our products, we use only oak.

Will I have to cut out the parts?All parts are sawn and secured in oak panels with thin strips of uncut wood, so you will only need to cut these strips. A special file is included for these purposes.

Can I paint the model?Yes, you can paint your model. The set includes kid-friendly varnish Kiva 70 (Tikkurila, Finland) and water-based stain (no chemicals).

What do I need for assembly?All you need is already included in the set: a file to saw uncut strips of wood that hold the parts in the oak panels; a file to smooth the edges; sanding paper; polyethylene gloves; glue; water-based stain; kid-friendly varnish; rope to move the model. All you need is time, comfortable space, and good company.

How long does it take to assemble Dubok Wooden Family sets?It depends on the model and the number of people involved in assembly. On the average, it takes 5 to 15 hours.

Can children assemble Dubok Wooden Family sets?Children above 14 can assemble our sets on their own. Younger children will need help from adults. One of Dubok Wooden Family’s missions is bringing your family together to build a generational bridge between you and your children. It is the best way to engage always busy dads and a great alternative to screen time.

Can I disassemble and assemble the model again?Our models are not designed for re-assembly. After the assembly, you get a sustainable stylish toy.

Do your sets have any benefits?Woodworking develops fine motor skills, image recognition, coordination, logic, spatial intelligence, team work, goal-oriented mindset.

I lost the manual. What do I do?Don't worry, you can download manuals for all our models.

What if a part breaks during assembly?Wood structure allows to fix parts using a couple of drops of glue included in the set. The part will look as good as new. One of the advantages of wooden toys is that you can easily repair them in just five steps:

1. Take the broken piece. Sand it neatly in the broken point. Do the same with the other piece.
2. Take a fine brush and apply glue to the sanded surface.
3. Press the parts together firmly and secure with a clamp. If you don't have a clamp, get creative: use heavy books or other objects to secure the part.
4. Remove the press after a few hours (or even better, leave overnight) and sand the glued seam. It will be the strongest point of the part.
5. Take a cloth, linseed oil or kid-friendly varnish, apply a thin layer and rub. It will give the wood the effect of natural shine and protect it.

If something went wrong, don’t worry — you can request a replacement part by email to info@dubokwood.com. Specify your model and your address in your email and attach a picture of the missing part. We will inform you on the cost of replacement. Delivery charges are billed to the customer.

Can I buy your sets if I live in another town?We deliver throughout Europe.
Shipping costs depend on:
— Your region
— Shipping method

How can I pay for my purchase?We accept the following types of payment:
— MasterCard and Visa credit cards
— PayPal
For more information about payment and delivery, go to

How long does it take to process the order?On the average, it takes up to three days (excluding delivery).

Where do you produce your sets?Our sets and pre-assembled models are produced in Livny, Orel region, Russia. In our case, oak wood undergoes a full processing cycle and is not exported as a raw material as it usually happens.

Do the assembled models have moving parts?Every model has its mechanics: steering wheels & wheels turn; doors and bed sides open.

Is the manual easy to understand?Our designers developed user-friendly manuals. It is a step-by-step instruction which is no more difficult than that for Kinder Egg toys.

Do you provide a warranty?We provide a six-month warranty.

Can you assemble the model for me?If you want to buy a pre-assembled model, go to https://dubokwood.com/models

Can I order a model with my own design?You can have the future owner’s name laser-engraved on your construction set or pre-assembled model. It will make the gift unique and unparalleled.

Can I take pre-assemble models outside?All pre-assembled models are coated with anti-bacterial varnish that protects the product from damp when you wipe it and prevents mould.

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