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Dubok Wooden Family’s Story

The story of Dubok Wooden Family started with a search for a gift for a new little family member.
However, it was like in the quote by Ferdinand Porsche: “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” This is how the first truck of genuine oak with safe soft tyres and a dump bed was born. Together with it, a new idea arrived — to allow adults to make a memorable toy for, or together with, their kids and even build a collection of stylish vintage transport. This is how our Truck turned into a construction set.

Dubok Wooden Family is a brand that sells genuine oak construction sets for the whole family. We chose Russian oak as our basic material. Carpentry tools and kid-friendly materials complement our sets.

We have in-house production facilities and warehouse areas. Our facilities are located in central Russia, which makes logistics easier.

Dubok Wooden Family is a highly skilled team of professionals in engineering, web design, and IT. Our products are founded on creativity, high-end intelligent equipment, and computer technology.

Our team believe that modern customers need products where everything is thought out down to the last detail. “That’ll do” is not our approach. We create construction sets of genuine oak for the whole family that meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our Production Process

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