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Pre-Assembled Plane


149,00 EUR

Pre-Assembled Plane

You can buy a pre-assembled model of the Pre-Assembled Plane It was pre-assembled by hand from large, carefully cut and polished parts of genuine oak. The parts are glued together for better strength. The surface is coated with kid-friendly varnish.
You will receive your Pre-Assembled Plane in a kraft packaging suitable both for transportation and presentation as a sophisticated gift.

You can use our products in many ways:

  • Exclusive gift for people of any age and social status
  • Stylish decor for your nursery and other rooms
  • Decor for your office or commercial premises
  • Functional item for your office or showroom, e.g. it can be used as an unusual product display or to store office supplies
  • Toy for children over 3 years-old
  • Toy for Montessori or Waldorf kindergartens
  • Toy for playrooms in clinics and other healthcare facilities

Material: Oak
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH): 43x56x24 cm
Shipping weight: 3 kg
Model after assembly (LxWxH): 42x55x23 cm
Model weight: 2.5 kg

Country of origin: Russia

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